learnscape: outdoor classroom philanthropy

LearnscapeSM, a signature outdoor learning environment designed and built
by Hollis + Miller Architects.

We are excited to Hollis + Miller Architects has found the perfect intersection between what its clients’ needs and passions are and the team’s unique design expertise. Beginning in 2013, Hollis + Miller Architects launched a commitment to annually give an outdoor learning environment as the firm’s signature cause branding program. It is called LearnscapeSM. It is designed and built by the big kids at Hollis + Miller Architects. Learnscape is a concept that works for a variety of age groups and is uniquely created for each school student body and its community. Educationally, Learnscape can house small group or individual learning only limited by the imagination.  You see, helping people get outside their normal contexts of learning provides an open door for greater thinking potential.  It’s our hope that teachers, students and the community will use these spaces to get outside of their usual daily routines of teaching and learning paradigms and take advantage of Learnscape and use it as a platform that enhances exploration, ideation and dreaming!

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