innovation day


It is easy to settle into a workflow.  Weeks, months, and even years can pass by when working with your head down.  The problem with that is, although accomplishing a great deal, you can forget to take time to grow and innovate in your field and infuse your passions into your work.  At Hollis + Miller, we realize that it is important to look up, observe what’s going on around us, and ponder the venerable question: What If?

Innovation Day at Hollis + Miller was founded as an outlet to give our team the time and space to reflect on their passions and ask themselves What If”?  As a continual event, we encourage one another to identify one, or two, or even ten ideas that they were drawn to research or develop.  Interested in researching new building techniques?  Or international design+build projects?  Or maybe developing a company-wide mobile app?  The flood of ideas brought forth has been refreshing and encouraging to our entire team.

Throughout the year we have celebrated these innovations through a series of mid-crits, presentations, and even festivals.  As we host the initial Innovation Days, we reach towards the goal to turn ‘Innovation Day’ into Every Day.  We envision this energy and determination permeating every aspect of our design process.  The energy and excitement that we share with one another is contagious, and we leave these gatherings with an even greater hope, purpose, and passion for what we are lucky enough to do every day.