first wednesday: office meetings


Our bustling office is an exciting place to be; as designers we thrive on deadlines, which create a poetic ebb and flow to our workload.  One way we maintain consistency at least once a month is an event we call First Wednesdays.  (Occurring on…you guessed it; the first Wednesday of each month.)

During this monthly event we take time to pause and reflect on the past month’s accomplishments and look forward to the next month’s goals and activities. We also share quips of how we’ve seen each other embody our credo and core values.

At H+M, we value our team and desire to foster a strong team environment.  We use the time at First Wednesdays to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries (Birthday cake, anyone?), welcome new colleagues, and announce special recognition to members of our team.

Transparency is a big part of First Wednesdays.  Each month the partners brief our group on the previous month’s stats; project updates, budgeting goals, hiring plans, etc.  This sharing of information builds trust between employee and partner; after all, we realize that we are all in this together.

Aside from the business, H+M recognizes the opportunity to instill a little fun into every First Wednesday.  Some months we may have a BBQ at our Lee’s Summit patio, others we may tour a new building or a construction project.  Of course, the during the most exciting meetings, we close down a local brew pub!

Hollis + Miller’s First Wednesdays are a comprehensive glimpse into the heart of our company; embracing our core values, pressing forward to our goals, and celebrating our wonderful team.