designU: professional development


At Hollis + Miller, we believe our most valuable asset are our employees. They are the firm’s present strength, always challenging the status quo with new ideas and perspectives to continually improve our creative process. They are also the firm’s future leaders. They will guide the direction of tomorrow’s innovations. Our employees are the creative brain of our efforts and the heart of our culture.

To support the professional growth of our employees we created DesignU.

DesignU is our in-house professional development program. It operates from the fundamental belief that if we grow the individual, we will grow the firm. The program provides a variety of internal educational opportunities designed around (4) educational pillars:

Cultural Evolution | Individual Development | Business Insight | Leadership Progression

It also provides a bi-monthly open forum to every employee to share personal insights or research pertaining to our practice. The result is a continuous opportunity to test ideas and refine presentation skills.

We believe providing these types of opportunities and professional support will result in professional fulfillment for our employees, a stronger firm and better learning environments for our communities.