We believe that the quality of our team, our design and our leadership, with an open mind to embrace a culture of change, leads to our clients’ successes and is demonstrated by our project results and long-term relationships.


We believe that the quality of our practice, our clients and our projects is a direct reflection of the quality of our team. Our priority will always be to create a successful team in which all members are valued and recognized for their skills and contributions at every level of the practice. We will constantly seek new ways to create an exciting and rewarding work environment that nurtures, retains and develops our staff, as well as attracting talented new team members. We will strive to place team members in a position that will allow them to pursue their professional passion.


When clients commission Hollis + Miller Architects, they experience and benefit from our creative vision, personal passion for design and our leadership guidance. We are driven by a vision of strategic planning, environmentally responsible solutions, and integrated design services to create great architecture. Each project demands design responsibility that reflects the vision of the client and community resulting in their pride.


We believe that leadership skills will be demonstrated at every level of Hollis + Miller. Each team member will be mindful to lead by example so that others may learn. While each person is a part of the company as a greater whole, each of us will be considered as an individual standing on our own dignity, merit and accountability. We believe that hard work and leadership beyond the call of duty deserves reward. Each of us will make others aware of a job well done and there will be opportunity for advancement for those who continually excel. By growing the individual, we will become respected leaders in the markets we serve. We understand that our leadership qualities will span into the community, region and nation.


We believe that change is necessary to survive and excel. Change is good if it allows the Team to achieve better results for the client. We will welcome suggestions and constructive criticism from all team members. Hollis + Miller will survive in the global market place by continually improving quality and becoming more efficient in business. Leadership will clearly explain the issues and reasons for change, and the team will direct its efforts to make the change successful.


We believe our client-centered firm will always be responsive to our clients’ needs. Promises are kept and our word is our bond. We engage our clients in a relationship of trust and confidence and to serve as a valued partner through collaboration and communication. Hollis + Miller Architects succeeds to the extent that we help our clients succeed.


We believe our project delivery process provides a road map for successful projects. Our vision, integrated with strong project leadership and communications, allows Hollis + Miller Architects to manage projects and services effectively. Projects will be based on a tailored approach and sound decision-making that reduces our clients’ risk. We will exceed our clients’ expectations when projects are produced on-time, on-budget and are design for long-term success.