core values

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Culture is difficult to define. It is intangible, a reputation, a state of mind, a feeling, a collective consciousness that is infused in a business and its employees. More important than the words we choose to describe our culture is taking the steps to cultivate it. Our employees are our greatest asset – they are our brand ambassadors. This is why this is so critical. The team as a whole should be united and support the efforts of Hollis + Miller Architects holistically in everything we do – mind, body, and spirit.


In order to be accountable we need to take ownership in the daily tasks, relationships and interactions needed to fulfill the mission of the firm. Pure and simple.


It means that we want well-rounded people, employees and we encourage this lifestyle by balancing work, life and family.


Build on a foundation of resilient, inviting and collaborative practices to create durable, quality relationships that lead to popular results.


Instill a process based on mutual goals that require parity, shared responsibilities and decision making among all participants.


A smart firm is always evaluating its processes, people and outcomes in an attempt to grow and improve as we create ownership and pride.


Motivate team members both professionally and personally to excel by encouraging their intellect and emotions.


An enduring firm understands all areas of architecture:  technical aspects, the social impact of design, and business principles – transferring knowledge from novice to expert as we innovate.


The Hollis + Miller family extends beyond the professional to the personal – emphasizing and respecting the needs of both.


We believe in fostering an interoffice network to share learning opportunities with open, honest dialogue and behavior modeling that honors the individual and encourages each person to embrace change and evolve in positive ways.


Passion is discovered when work no longer feels like work – it’s something you enjoy.

 trust / respect

Our desire is to have honest and direct communication with a win/win intent as we pursue mutual understanding and seek to enhance every relationship.

 recognition / supportive

In its purest form we will express appreciation of efforts and accomplishments while providing encouragement, appreciation and assistance through tools, processes and a high level of empathy.