Purpose Driven Firm

Hollis + Miller Architects is an architecture, planning and interior design firm with offices in Overland Park, Kansas and Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Since 1950, we’ve been a successful and thriving practice with a constant eye toward the future and making the best decisions for our clients. We are a purpose driven firm where the why is paramount in how we approach our work.

Our purpose is to empower communities through individuals, with smart and inspiring “Learning Environments” that have a rewarding experience and successful impact for our clients and those they serve.

 Enhancing the way people learn, work and connect. 



Our connection symbol is perfect metaphor for this site. Here, we are striving to connect you, the visitor, with who and what we are. We hope to shed some light on our culture, and in turn, provide insight on what life is like in our little family.

Culture is difficult to define. It is an intangible state of mind, a feeling, a collective consciousness that is infused in a business and its employees. More important than the words we choose to describe our culture is taking the steps to cultivate it. The most critical element in fulfilling our purpose is to ensure our people are fulfilled. They are our greatest assent and require the the greatest care.

You will be extremely hard pressed to find a company aware that empowers its people with as much opportunity for autonomy, mastery and purpose as we strive to create. Embedded in all of the ideas you will find here is the singular goal of making Hollis + Miller the greatest place to work and grow as both a professional and as a person.

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