H+M Athletic Club


A great person once said, “Competition makes us faster; collaboration makes us better.”

Every day as architects we are tasked with the problems brought by the built world. These issues stem from the pragmatic to the creative, but are most decidedly mental. To become a healthy individual, a balance between our mental prowess and physical abilities needs to be achieved. Starting with the body, athletics begin to strengthen our stature while the camaraderie and competition finish off the triangle of excellence with heart and mind.

The Hollis + Miller Athletic Club gives us the opportunity to achieve these goals as a collective and on a personal level. Feeding off of our Core Values we hope to achieve a BALANCED lifestyle through INSPIRING performances, and reinforce the idea that no matter what the age, we are FAMILY. We are an exclusive club, made up of individuals, which everyone can be a part of. We’re surrounded by a CULTURE OF CHANGE on a daily basis, now let’s show our opponents how positively it’s impacted us.