diamond warriors

 Architectural Softball League isn’t for the faint of heart.

It is a league where architects bring their competitive nature to the fields of Rosedale Park.  Just as professional athletes take the field expecting to win, so do we.  These expectations we have of ourselves and our teammates play out as such: When a teammate hits a home run, a string of high-fives is sure to ensue.  Likewise, if a teammate is terrible enough to strikeout at slow pitch softball, that teammate will be ridiculed relentlessly and possibly ostracized for an inning.  It is imperative to the team that everyone pulls their own weight and excels at their position given by the coach.  It is not a democracy.  You do not try out for your position in a traditional sense but if you are lucky enough to obtain a spot on the team you are expected to participate even if you are printing 100% construction documents the next day.

Along with strict involvement within the team, the field on which we play is perfectly suited for our style of play.  Do not be surprised to arrive on opening day to see the grass in the outfield more than a foot tall.  The additional grass makes running difficult and fielding the ball practically impossible, however, we do not see it as hindrance but more of strategy to sharpen our near-professional skills.  Field number two provides more opportunities for honing strategic processes.  Left field is encroached upon by the forest of Rosedale Park.  It is easily possible for most teams to reach the tree line off the bat which is counted as a homerun.  Therefore, the out-fielders must play and perfect a complicated zone strategy to ensure no balls make it to the forest that confiscates no less than 15 softballs per week.  This is not an easy task and it is only a small part of participating in the Architectural Softball League.

Joe is a developing young staff member bringing a uniquely upbeat perspective to the firm.